skp file for BIM industry, with ARCHLine.XP

Hi, This is Carpenter A,

In this video, I am going to talk about Archline and SketchUp files.

In the days when only 2D CAD was used, SketchUp was a very innovative product.

Because using the push and pull functions, it was very easy to do 3D massing.

So, the number of users increased sharply, especially in Korea.

Over time, IFC files, a BIM file format, also started to be compatible with SketchUp.

However, basically, SketchUp is a very easy 3D modeling software, so it is convenient for the purpose of checking BIM files, but it is insufficient for the entire BIM work.

Of course, by using 3rd party products, we are supplementing the lacking functions to some extent.

However, as the basic base is limited to 3D, BIM work has limitations.

And now, SKP files cannot be created and opened only in SketchUp.

You can also create SKP files from Archline, and you can also import and edit SKP files.

Not only that, like SketchUp, you can also use the push-pull function in Archline.

With the development of BIM products, not only drawing automation technology, but also the 3D modeling field began to develop.

Crucially, SketchUp creates a 3D model in the OpenGL method, but Archline completes the 3D model in the DirectX method.

This DirectX is a 3D model platform developed by Microsoft, which is developing Windows.

Archline has been developed since 1991, exclusively for Windows.

So, It has strengths in 3D data management in the DirectX method.

As with all 3D software, BIM products have difficulties in handling large volumes.

This is also related to the performance of the graphics card, and Archline has many years of know-how in this part.

So, relatively, it is a product that handles large amounts of data well.

When exporting a 3D model created in Archline to SketchUp, you can specify the SketchUp version.

You can save not only the most recent version but also an older version of SketchUp.

Then, when saved as an SKP file, let’s see if we can really edit it smoothly in SketchUp.

Currently, our company has a full license for SketchUp Pro 2019.

I will save it as SketchUp 2019 version in Archline.

Let’s open this file in SketchUp 2019.

You can see that it edits very well in Sketchup.

This time, we will learn how to move a sketchup model to an archline.

Archline proceeds in the order of file, import, and sketchup.

This skp file is not immediately placed in the 3D workspace, but is registered as its own library and placed later.

We will check if the unit is wrong.

In the future, it will be set up for repeated use.

Of course, the finishing material information specified in SketchUp is also preserved.

Also, after placement, the size may be modified by modifying the dimensions.

skp files are used in many places.

The 3D model created by Archline is also utilized when rendering with Lumion.

Lumion shows high compatibility with skp files.

Next, let’s look at the self-push-pull function, that is, the push-pull function.

A similar feature existed in the 2020 version of Archline, but a definite improvement was made in the 2021 version.

This feature is located on the Drafting tab. So, even Archline LT users can use this function.

Of course, functions compatible with SketchUp files are supported by Archline LT, Professional version, and all.

This push-and-pull function is applicable in both cases, when modifying an existing model or when creating a separate object.

SketchUp applies finishes by dragging and dropping from the material library.

Archlines can be applied in the same way.

next. I will check whether the skp file created in this way is successfully moved to Lumion.

Lumion tries to load the model as shown on the screen.

When importing, you can also specify specific categories.

Data in this category can be used repeatedly.

Up until now, I was Carpenter A.
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